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Two Tomato Soups

at the same time!

The basic framework:

  1. Put some tomatoes in a pot with seasonings
  2. Cook until thoroughly softened
  3. Lightly strain out the solids (and remove any large pieces of herb), reserving the juice
  4. Puree the solids to make a thick tomato soup (or base for pizza sauce) perfect for dunking grilled cheese into
  5. Use the juice as a broth for another soup

For example: I put onions, garlic, fresh sage, and fresh rosemary, and olive oil in. I used the juice to make a kale & white bean soup.

I’ve been playing around with this idea since our CSA has given us about 15lbs of tomato in the past month+, and one of our neighbors sells tomato from his porch for $1.25/lb.

I made it twice last year, and I’m planning to make it again because it’s tomato season!

Some notes:

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